What If

What If
Title: ” all possibilities exist in every moment- what you choose determines your journey “

Food for thought, what if our eyes are the VR ( virtual reality) set that we are plugged into from the time of our birth and we play the game that serves us our version of the reality in the simulation?

Our heart and gut ( the seat of our soul as I like to call it) tells us to unplug, but we have a hard time to unplug from the game because the game is neither good nor bad but we just can’t detach from the game.

Just like we have a challenging time putting away our phones and doing other experiential activities , similarly, unplugging from the VR, that is our eyes, to listen to our heart and gut seems so hard to do.

Why you may ask? Well, because we are programmed as a society to see with our eyes to believe something; while listening to our hearts and intuition requires trust in a power higher that our minds can not comprehend.

As such , we continue to live in a programmed world seeing with our eyes yet blindly believing and following patterns of behaviors that thrust us in woes and pain resulting from fears we project on ourselves and our environments.

What if our eyes are the VR and we can change the game simply by following our highest joy instead of preprogrammed patterns we have been seeing our parents, grandparents, great grandparents doing?

What if we simply follow our highest joy and break the VR and can see all that is, was, and ever will be?

What if you follow your highest joy?

What if you realize you are God, in motion, in creation, and with in you lies a spring that will nourish you into eternity?
What if?