Self Mastery Coaching

I work with adults seeking growth, questioning their purpose, and inquiring why they are on this earth. Usually, individuals come to me because their lives shift dramatically and life as they know it no longer feels appealing and they feel an inner desire to upgrade their lives and align to a higher purpose.

As a self-mastery coach, I focus on asking questions, shining light on your discomfort, and having you recalibrate your life. I am not a counselor so I don't do counseling. I coach and mentor you so that you are prepared for a life reimagined that aligns with your higher calling.

I have over two decades of experience working with adults from education to healthcare training. Working with adults I have found one common theme. Adults want to be heard and respected for their experiences. I also found that how adults fashion their lives in large part result from how they were raised in infancy and the impact of childhood events. This revelation was key to how I work with adults in my coaching sessions.  

Lastly, you may have heard of the saying, "We teach what we need to learn," in this regard, I myself have been navigating my whole life this idea of who am I?;  why did I have a childhood that I did?  why did I have to deal with the traumas I did ? what is my higher purpose? I am a lifelong learner with education on self-leadership, experience, and spirituality, that I combine to intuitively assist in your growth.

I would like to do a free consultation with you to see if we can work on your life journey.

Be well and flourish