An Open Letter to all Female Born Women/ Wombyn

An Open Letter to all Female Born Women/ Wombyn

Woman or wombyn (whether you have your womb or it was removed for whatever reason) , yes I am talking to you! You are needed, you are crucial for the healing of humanity , of grandmother Gaia. You are needed in your full embodiment of your vulnerability and authenticity.

You are needed. Show up in your courage, show up where you are, as you are. Embrace your divine feminine.

Remember who you are, You have emerged from the depths of darkness so don’t let your light dim so others can see you, shine your light brighter, and let people adjust their eyes.

Days of acting small are over! Be wild, my dear honey child!

Be brave - cheer other women on, it doesn’t dim your light! We need each other. I need you and you need me. For you see, women, you are the roots that hold the light that makes our world bright. You don’t need to act like men or be like men, for we have a divine purpose to birth the new earth. Let men be men, for they have a purpose too. Women you are needed for your softness, your charm, and femininity is your extraordinary power. Don’t rob others of your gift of tenderness because you’ve been taught to compete in a men’s world. We do not need you to be like men, let them be and become more of yourself my dearest sisters. We need you, you need you.

  • Dr. Rajani , a spirit on vacation on this beautiful earth , here to guide you on your path to your highest joy.