Dreams Bring Messages

Dreams Bring Messages
This photo was taken on a hike to Cathedral Rock Sedona, Arizona

Today between 7 am and 9:03 am I had a very intense dream where I found myself in a large hall where an event was taking place, and the hall was filled with guests. When I looked towards the stage there were three dancers performing a dance like puppets on a string, but they were humans. The dance was some sort of a hypnotic trance movement attempting to have an effect on the audience. I quickly realized that it was creating a negative impact on the audience, but I did not yet know what the negative effect was and using my both hands raised in a blessing position, I called out that it was not right and started using my hands to transmit energy to nullify the trance hypnotic effects. I saw a man squatting in the corner and I was not paying attention to him because he was dressed poorly in shabby clothes while I was going from left to right around the stage using my hands to deflect the trance hypnotic effect of the dancers.
Then I heard from the corner where the shabbily dressed man was squatting, ma’am please stop what you are doing. I said this is wrong, and unbothered, I kept doing what I was doing. He said ma’am please come into my office. I didn’t pay any attention to the man.
Suddenly I noticed that the stage was clear and there were no people anywhere in sight.
It was just me and the same man dressed in 40’s three-piece grey pinstripe suit like Charlie Chaplain, I was shocked and I said “What did I do wrong sir” he didn’t say anything, then I said, “What will you do to me ?” ( in a confident manner as if I was daring him) he stood up from a maroon plush stuffed leather chair and said, “I already did, look around you” while twisting the left side of his mustache and walked out, without uttering another word.
I looked around me, and to my horror, I was in the same place but the whole place was colored in a mint green dilapidated paint and instead of an open stage, it was rooms with cupboards and halls - like an old school from the 19th century. That man had transported me into another dimension and time-space, and I couldn’t do anything about it.
I felt suffocated and claustrophobic. I knew I was stuck in another dimension and time space and I felt absolutely helpless.
After I calmed down, I decided to use my hands the same way in the form of blessing the room, I felt I needed to use the power of my hand but didn’t know why.
As I focused my hands on the cupboard and concentrated intensely, after what seemed like hours, out of nowhere a bunch of children started rushing out of the empty cupboard and one little girl was carrying a note. She and I locked eyes ( she was older than the rest of the children who just started running around as if unfrozen after a long time) and I told that little girl of 10-12 years of age to open all the doors of all the cupboards so I could walk around with my hands in the blessing motion and before I knew it, people started emerging out of nowhere into the space. So many people were trapped in time and were invisible, but I kept walking back and forth using my hands to change the energy of the space to shift the veil and bring these trapped humans into my reality.

Well, as soon as I had brought forth all the humans, I, along with them, was transported back to my current reality; and I woke up and ran to tell my beloved about this horrific experience.

Here’s my first interpretation of the incident

Clearly, that man was more powerful than me and I was showing off my powers and I felt that no one could stop me whereas this man was quiet and powerful and he didn’t say much but did trap me and I could have been trapped in that realm forever.
Lesson: never display your power willy-nilly without situational awareness.
There are always more powerful entities and when you mess with their agenda they will take action to stop you.

Powerful beings never talk they take action.
Talk less do more and proceed with caution and be vigilant of your surroundings.

The next part of the lesson is that:
My intention was positive and I did take action. And while I was transported to another dimension, in freeing the other people, invisible and frozen in that dimension, I was able to collectively free all of us and I was transported back to my home­- my waking dream reality of earth 2023.

Another lesson is that sometimes something can feel like an ending or a dead-end and one can feel hopeless, but after all the crying and shock, it is important to recollect oneself and get to peace and listen to your heart and your gut (the seat of your intuition) it will give you the way. For example, I did not know why I felt like using my hands in the empty cupboard to create energy but I felt like I had to. Maybe I thought I would create a portal to get out of there but in that action, I did create a portal for children stuck in a dimension to come running out of it. Which then prompted me to use my power in all the cupboards and I was able to free so many people who were trapped in a dimension in that place.

At first in my wakeful awareness,  I was just plain upset at the thought of displaying my powers and I felt I was attacked by a being more powerful than me because I was taking away his business, energy, or whatever, but then I also realized that if I had not been transported to the other version of the room then nobody would have known what happened to all those disappeared people and so my power allowed me to free those trapped.

This “dream” also taught me that if I was aware of my surroundings and saw that shabbily dressed man and sensed his power, I would have done my hand work from further in the room where he could not see me.

It is critical for lightworkers, star seeds, and the awakened ones (and to everyone in general) to sense one’s surroundings and use intuition, in alchemy.
Admittedly I was doing good work to save people, but sometimes even good work needs to be done with alertness because just like there are good workers there are bad workers working for their ulterior motives.