About Me

About the Author: Dr. Rajani Lata

Hailing from the beautiful Fiji Islands, Dr. Rajani Lata is an embodiment of global wisdom and spiritual depth, now making her home in the scenic Pacific Northwest. Jesuit-educated and deeply committed to the continual pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Lata has dedicated her life to enriching the human condition and empowering individuals on their path of personal evolution.

Professionally, she harnesses her profound expertise in intuitive coaching, mentoring, training, and research & development. Beyond these pursuits, her commitment extends into theoretical research, adult learning and development, higher education retention, and the critical mission of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB). She has published several research on leadership, gender equality, and self-mastery. Her research has been used for Training for Gender Equality at the United Nations Women Training Centre and her latest research focuses on faculty professional development training in higher education.

A true polymath, Dr. Rajani is not just an academic and coach; she is an author, having penned inspiring works like "Sustenance for a Nourished Life: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Mastery" and "Messages from the Source." Her passionate blogging explores themes of authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency. Her spiritual and artistic inclinations find expression in her roles as a Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, writer, artist, and profound researcher. Dr. Lata's spiritual tapestry is intricately woven with teachings from shamanism, the principles of unity, and a deep respect for the sacred ties between indigenous cultures, land, and nature. Guided by the Latin tenet, cura personalis – “care for the entire person,” she seamlessly merges her spiritual practices with her coaching and consulting engagements.

Never one to shy away from the hard truths, Dr. Rajani speaks directly from the heart, always advocating for authenticity, compassion, and honesty for oneself and others. Her personal joys include the rhythmic trance of shamanic drumming, culinary adventures, art immersion, a penchant for slow and vintage fashion, and the thrill of travel.

Central to Dr. Lata's odyssey is the unwavering support of her beloved family, her unwavering pillars through her transformative journey of self-exploration. Today, she remains dedicated to her life's mission: illuminating the path for others to unearth and embrace their most authentic selves.