Triggers, Collective Consciousness, and Living Double Lives on Earth - In Honor of the Lions Gate Portals of 2023: 8/8, 8/17, 8/26

Triggers, Collective Consciousness, and Living Double Lives on Earth - In Honor of the Lions Gate Portals of 2023: 8/8, 8/17, 8/26
Council of Light

Everything exists, at once irrespective of space and time.

To question that is human.

To seek answers is human.

However, in simple events of life, you have also experienced certain unpredictable events that boggle your mind. Such as, you think of a person and the person calls you. One could call it telepathy; for two beings tapping into the same conscious energy and a desire to connect. In today's day and age it is rare for one to think of someone and then that someone calls to validate how in the collective consciousness everyone is connected to everyone in spite of the varying degree of disconnection in relation to frequency

We are here to tell you to stop looking at one another as two separate beings, instead focus on what is common. Imagine each person you see as you're oversoul manifesting itself as different individuals to experience life.

Each one is you in desire to experience all possibilities of existence

By that regard, each one is you and deserves the same level of respect you would give to someone who you aligned with; and each one who you see as a conflict is a reflection of what is triangulating in you to come to surface, be resolved, and let go of.

We are not saying that you have to connect with all these versions of yourself so to speak, because some may cause you pain. All we are saying is to give them respect and acknowledge that they are fragments of the whole.

We do want to say that it is important to connect to your soul family. There are people who trigger you and cause you pain and then there are people who can feel you, see you, hear you, and acknowledge you for your existence without any attachments, without any reason; you just feel connected to them. Doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, it doesn't matter what is your level of education, it doesn't matter how you dress, there are people and animals who see you and acknowledge you and those ones when you find, them appreciate them!

Going back to the concept of time and space, everything exists; it has always existed, and will exist. Future is a term on earth but exists in the now moment.

This is really important so pay extra attention!

What you think of as future is really a version of yourself either you aspire to be, or what you fear to be. Either way, because they exist already in the now moment, this new version of yourself that you aspire to be or fear to be exists on a timeline that is in another reality. What you are doing in your current reality is aligning thoughts to pull a version of yourself from another reality to the now that later becomes part of your now; but you consider it your future. In other words, constantly thinking about a future you'll aspire to or envision for yourself or fear already exists. You can just as easily become the best version of yourself or the worst version of yourself by constantly thinking of that soul self until that becomes your reality

So in that way what you consider to be the future is a present from another dimension. Your dominant frequency will pull it out of that reality to your now.

As humans you worry about tomorrow, next five years, next 10 years, next 25 years; you prepare for a rainy day by buying insurance and thus there's corners in your consciousness that believe in the collective agreed upon conditions of being on earth such as illness and death instead of focusing on wellness and life.

As a result of that you manifest collective hive mind problem for yourself in order to stay in the matrix dominated by The Collective Consciousness.

We are here to tell you; you don't need to be akin to a group of sheep who all do the same thing.

The reason for following the collective is because people do not want to be left out and there is a great deal of fear. We want to acknowledge that as we say you come from a pool of consciousness and so you want to be with your community.

However, as we mentioned earlier not everybody is part of your community, even though you all are experiencing life at different levels it takes work to break down the hive mind and break away from the hive mind to find a connection with community who are accepting to love you no matter what.

To break away from the collective fear generating vibrations requires you to know yourself, who you are, what do you stand for, what do you believe in, what are your governing values, and what values you will follow.

While we understand that you all have laws and government that establish what the earth human needs to have and do, what moral and social constructs they need to follow based on where you are on earth, there are ways that you can detach from those constructs while also living on earth, while also becoming a better version of yourself, while also connecting to source more and more and living outside of the matrix. For example, you can live in a house, pay your taxes, buy food, but also acknowledge that you are a source consciousness experiencing life on earth.

You can eat the best nourishing food, you can wear the most high-quality clothes that vibrate at a higher frequency, you can grow your own food, you can think pure positive thoughts. Yes your government controls many aspects of what it means to be born on earth, but you can still without complaining and bringing more of that restriction to you, you can do the best whatever your best may be, to navigate what it means to be a conscious human being; and the more you do that the more you align to your higher self attracting other vibrational beings at your level of consciousness, magnetizing your community, vibrating at a higher level to the point that the government control, the pain, your taxes, and those other collective agreements do not resonate as a problem but rather become non relevant issues of being on earth.

There is no point in complaining about your tax or your government; instead it is better to do what it is that you believe is for your highest good. You've probably heard of the saying that the king and the pauper both sleep, eat, wear clothes, and die. As a highly advanced being, it is unnecessary to worry about the shell of your body without giving proper care to what's on the inside. Yes, we agree that you see your body but do you know that your body exists in your soul?

There's an auric field all around you that extends out up to seven feet, which you cannot see; but you focus on your body. What you want to do instead is think further out and go within; if you think about your soul extending seven feet outside of your body then you look from outside within and the other way is to look at your body and look inside to fix you're outside. What we would suggest is to look at the energy of your frequency from your auric fields as magnets attracting conditions that feed your body; from that perspective, be aware of the collective energy of the company you keep, the thoughts you have, the food you eat, and the triggers that others have on you.

It is important to know the triggers others have on you because once you know your triggers then you can control them. It is human to react when a mirror is reflected and it shows you what you dislike in others as a reflection of what you dislike in yourself. Or someone pushes your button to get a rise out of you, it is so easy to react and once you are in a balanced emotional state you may question why you reacted. We acknowledge that it is a human way of dealing with situations but we also want to remind you to know your triggers so that you can have a better handle on how you deal with them.

The reason it is important to know your triggers and how to handle them is because then you don't become the puppet of another, who knows how to manipulate you. Have you seen dogs barking at each other? They are reactionary; they’re angry or feel a threat and they will bark, but sometimes there's a fear. A lion doesn't do that. A lion roars not because of fear, it knows its territory; it does not make empty threats, what you do with this information is up to you dear ones. We wanted to say our part because the channel was resonating with this message and so we had to share our thoughts. Viva !