Messages from Source 1.3 Darkness and the Dark Night of the Soul

Messages from  Source 1.3 Darkness and the Dark Night of the Soul
This picture was taken by us at Brooking Harbor, Oregon 

Last night, I was having a conversation with my partner about darkness at night as we were hugging each other and looking at the starry skies, the stars,  and this message came through:

Night, darkness, the dark night of the soul all have one thing in common: navigating the journey not with physical eyes but instead learning to see with your mind’s eye, listening to your intuition, and trusting your gut - the seat of your intuition.
When it’s dark , so dark that you can’t see anything , what do you do? You take calculated small steps, you start reaching out with your feet and hands to see if you feel a wall or land so you can take the next step, and before even taking the first step, you stand, stable, and wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. You make friends with the darkness and give it 100 percent trust , you rely  on your own body as a radar and compass to give your senses guidance for the next step .
And if you are reading this now ,
You are still here, still alive, and you made it.
Now it is not any different when you are going through the dark night of the soul , or even when you are in a dark place in life .

When an individual is in a dark place it can seem like an eternity, one can feel claustrophobic , limited, and small. It can feel like there is no way out of the emotional and mental pain that darkness causes.
We may look at the barrier and see a dead-end, a block, and we cannot see our way out.

But imagine, in the darkness, you can’t see the possibilities, the potentialities. There could be a ladder right inside the maze, there could be a map , that is visible only when it’s light ( literal or metaphorical) and when you quieten your mind, take a deep breath, and take perspective from your higher self, which looks at the situation or event form an eagle’s point of view, you will notice the faultiness of your limited perception .
You will notice the irrationality of your fight or flight response.
Whether it’s the literal dark night or the dark night of the soul,
Your response matters a lot.
How you react engenders  the narrative you attune to , which then results in the limitations you discern to be true for yourself.

In the literal darkness, that can be the matter of life and death, in the metaphorical darkness, or the dark night of the soul it could mean an inability to make sound judgment.

Darkness and shadow are part of the duality of life. You cannot have light without darkness. Each one serves a purpose. Darkness allows us to tune within to find our way to the light.
Don’t let the quick fight or flight response limit you when you were in darkness.
Just like a swimmer, who is drowning, it’s not helping oneself by fighting, just like trying to hold on tightly to water, that quickly shows you all your attempts are futile and can cause you harm…. To prevent drowning, the swimmer needs to calm the body and flow with the current similarly, trying to hold water in your palm is easier when you simply open your palm and let the water flow in and it will stay in your palm, but will leave your palm when you make a fist. Similarly, letting go of the perception of fear, listen to your heartbeat while acknowledging the presence of fear, and yet still move forward, allow yourself to navigate through the darkness, and before you know it, you see light.