Messages from the Source 1.4 Overcoming Limitation Mindset

Messages from the Source 1.4 Overcoming Limitation Mindset
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Last night the message I received was an instant picture but it spoke thousands of words. I was the observer and I was the actor in action.

I saw I was near a river bank and the large boat was passing by and I the actor jumped from the height of the river bank, more so leaped and in one swift move I jumped, surpassing the distance and landed in the boat which mathematically would not be possible on earth resulting from gravity and all. The jump itself was like a fisherman holding a fishing line would reach back and with force throw the fishing line so it reaches further in the water, that curvature created by the line at the angle of the reach is what my jump looked like. Now, on earth a jump like that would land one in the smack middle of the water but the dreamer me was able to see my target, jump, and land where I intended to.

This quick download was a aha moment for me and then the interpretation started to occur, because the earth me asked how is this possible in a dream like state (one can imagine in a dream or when astral travelling or when one is not trapped by the gravitational and 3rddensity rules of this earth. Why was the jump possible as the dreamer intended)

The answer I got was that outside of the earth’s 3D body, the soul is not bound by space and time. The theory of non-locality applies here. The jump was possible because it was outside of the constraints of space and time. The jumper manifested a jump from point A to Point B because the jumper was focused on the desire of jumping from the river bank to the boat with trust in his ability to manifest that jump.

So what is the message from this one single download?

That 1) soul is limitless and 2) source energy defies all earth laws and exists without the boundary of space and time.

Your ideas of what you want to achieve in this lifetime or any lifetime, start with a pure desire to experience life or an incident , it comes from a place of purity , however on earth, you by listening to the noise outside of yourself such as others who say you can’t , you create within you the limitations that cause you to relinquish those dreams or take actions prematurely or not take actions because of the fear of failure or also taking action while knowing there is no way that action will come true. And that action does not result in your true desire fulfillment.

On earth you have the heard the saying “if you fail at first, try and try again”

Well the thing is you don’t have to fail or try again because you can achieve what you want in the first attempt, but we perceive limitations and as hivemind we have created this group social contracts of what achievements should look like and then award people prizes and bragging rights for breaking barriers and achieving.

Imagine a mother confronted with a problem affecting her child, like the story of a mother who lifted a car to save her child, if this mother had tried and tried time was not on her side that she could try again and again as the moment for the action was in the now or never. The mother did what would be considered impossible in one move to lift the car to save her child. She didn’t try and try again. She put all her creative force, and faith, and trust in her higher self to save her child from by lifting the car. She didn’t listen to the noise outside of herself.

While it is simple that we can try and try again until we make it happen, that mentality is a social agreement we as earth humans have set for each other so as not to make each other too uncomfortable by our feat.

By the same standard we then, judge ourselves and others by thinking what is possible or we deem impossible and then, if one human decides to go beyond those social agreements we first say how crazy that person is and later celebrate his accomplishment as if they did something extraordinary- they did something that we all can do if we live to our full capacity.

Too many of earth humans are conditioned to do the basic to fit in. anything outside of the comfort zone of the people around them will make others uncomfortable, so humans dim their light to fit in.

What you don’t realize is that those same people who were uncomfortable as your light was brightening, will later try to use your brightness to warm themselves. You may have heard sayings like “we always knew he was extraordinary” or “I knew from the moment I set my eyes on her that she will go far in life,” and so on.

So the message here is to live in your highest joy and be the best version of yourself as you know how to today, and tomorrow if know better, then you create another best version of yourself.

Be well and flourish

Dr. Rajani