Messages from the Source 1.1

Messages from the Source 1.1
Sedona from my last visit in July 2022

You Are Enough
Movement is relative. Time is nonexistent. Every now, no matter how insignificant you might think it may be, is a moment you chose to experience on this earth. You chose to be here, even if you have forgotten your purpose.

Forgetting is not a problem. This is part of the process and the game of the matrix. Remembering is the funnest part, and the most challenging part because the remembrance comes in glimpses throughout your lifetime. And if you pay attention to those sudden inner knowings and continue to piece them together, you strengthen those knowings and thus welcome them more into your life until they become a part of your main identity and lead you to your real purpose on earth and this lifetime.

Many of you do not pay attention to the inner remembrance, or become fearful of those signs and messages, and suppress them, because not only are you afraid of what you don’t see, you base your reality on the outside world to live your life. This implies that the world outside yourself has a strong hold on you, your thoughts, your identity, and how you see yourself and others.

Some of you live your entire life looking for outside validation for happiness, satisfaction, and peace. However, things outside of yourself will never bring you anything, but a feeling of lack and less than. Looking for validation, outside of yourself means, always striving, seeking, and lacking.

When you find satisfaction with within, you will realize you have always been enough. You were always enough. You are enough.