Life has a Purpose

It took me years to come to a realization that everything that was happening with me and  everything that was happening to me, was everything that was happening for me. This realization gave me a new perspective to what life means for me  in the grand scheme of things.

It took me decades of my life to come to this realization but you my dear reader I hope you are able to take this nugget of wisdom and apply it to the life that you want.  I hope that you look back on every event in your life and see how it all connected to where you are today.

You have the power to manifest your best life. You were manifesting with your thoughts, with your energy , and with your words. I hope you make the choice of being wise with your words, thoughtful with your intentions, and aware of your energy.

There is a saying, "Energy flows where  attention goes", so have your attention on things that you want to happen with you, to you, and for you!

Be well And flourish

~ Rajani