In Conversation with My Guides 1.1

In Conversation with My Guides 1.1

June 7th 2023

Last night, in communication with my higher self and my guides:

Usually, I think I ask them random things like things that I would google that are general curiosity not related to anything I am doing, so this became one of those general curiosities I had.

Usually, when I am astral traveling, I travel through very high altitudes through mountains and forests and enter different realms, and sometimes, what I enter seems like a cartoon realm

So, I decided to engage my guides in a Q n A about this cartoon realm because it seemed as real as real can be, like a movie with live beings but in cartoon form.

Here it goes:

Me: is this real?

Guide: As real as it can be!

Me: but I don’t understand. Please explain why this even exists.

Guide: well, just like you think cartoon characters are cute, we think you are cute, and like you can draw stick figures and cartoons, we draw you.

Me: that still doesn’t explain why is there a realm like this, even...

Guide: it allows for easy replication. We can copy and paste these characters into other dimensions and realities and then fill in the blanks so the cartoon realm is like a carbon copy portal from which we can easily recreate our creation.

Me: sounds weird and is really confusing.

Guide: well, in early humanity, when one couldn’t draw complex things, early people drew stick figures right

Me: right

Guide: so now you can draw cartoons because you have more tools and more imagination and

Me: that still doesn’t help because I see them as cartoons, and from what you are telling me, it looks like you see me as a cartoon, and I don’t look nothing like that.

Guide: your eyes are showing you a cartoon

Me: My eyes are closed

Guide: your mind's eye is showing you cartoon because that’s what you know; we see you as you see cartoons, so you see when you draw a cartoon as it was done in the early times on papers that, when flipped fast, it showed a cartoon character moving; similarly you move fast as in relation to the spin of the earth and the propulsion of your own inner vibration.

Me: Ok, I think it makes more sense. but now lest talk more about something that I can actually use in my earthly life…


Me: Let us talk about Reiki

Me: why do some people feel the reiki energy and some don’t even feel it, which then they question as “I don’t feel it, so it doesn’t exist for me,” which then they discard as hocus pocus

Guide: Reiki is energy, and we are all energy conductors. When someone is vibrating at a higher level or matches your frequency, they can feel the energy coming through you in the form of heat or electrical charge, which makes than a believer that this is real. If someone is vibrating at low frequency energetically, or in many cases vibrating low low into the darker realm below 1 d as in lower dimensions which goes into the dark energies, they won’t feel the energy conduction. However, it doesn’t mean that the energy is not flowing. It is flowing, but they don’t feel it.

If, however, they are set on moving up vibrationally, then continuing reiki, it will continue to retrieve them from the darker realm (it is not a one-time thing), it will take work.

Visualize that you place your hands on someone who is vibrating into the dark energy, it is like putting your hands on a rock that is frozen, and you will first have to bring it to temperature and then when it is to room temperature, then the heat from your hands will start to heat the rock, but additionally, if you continue to have your hands on the frozen rock, you will become cold yourself.


Me: Ok, now let us talk about me and how I judge myself because of others' facial reactions and when I interpret them and make my body suffer. I learned very early on to watch for facial reactions from my father to act appropriately to stay safe from a beating.

Now that I am older, I still do that to myself, but not father I look at others' faces and get defensive.

How do I love myself unconditionally, and if others are mirrors, for instance, I look in the mirror, and then I punish my body for what I see in the mirror.

How do I love myself unconditionally no matter what the mirror the material or mirror the people show, and if mirror the material and mirror the people show a reflection of what's happening inside me, how do I love myself so that mirror the material and mirror the people reflect that unconditional love I have for myself.

Phew, I am confused, but I think I have explained it well.

Guide: what do you feel about yourself on a good day when you are not looking into the mirror the material, and mirror the people? When mirror the people show you mirror the material, they are pin-pointing to one thing that may seem like a flaw, but you are a complete person, why are you looking at that one flaw that the mirror the material and mirror the people are pin-pointing?

Me: I don’t know that’s why I am asking you how to love myself despite what mirror the material and mirror the people are trying for me to see?

Guide: it is simple; if you are complete and satisfied in who you are, then mirror the material and mirror the people will not be able to pinpoint a flaw, they will pinpoint, but you will stand in your inner knowing that none of that matters. when you are aware of who you are, and you stand tall in your inner knowing that neither mirror the material nor mirror the people will be able to come to you to pinpoint your flaw; matter of fact, they will start to love your “flaw” because it’s all about access to you.

Access is all about becoming close to you. When you are vibrating low, access to you gives them energy over you; when you are vibrating high, then access to you is about getting energy from you to shine brighter themselves.

Other beings will want access to you, and whether you leave the door wide open or slightly open the door (or your chakra) determines their access to you. If you, by your intuition, know that someone is bad news and still open the door wide open, and expect they will not walk all over you, then obviously you will get punished because you knew what they wanted from you- your energy so they can shine brighter. Your chakra system will tell you about a person or persons, and it is up to you as a sovereign being to determine through your free will what level of access you give to others (humans or other energetic beings)

You don’t need to be a revolving door to anyone and everyone wanting access to you. What will happen when you don’t give anyone and everyone access to you? You will be selective; you will be mindful based on your inner intuition (your heart and gut- the seat of your soul) will tell you who is good for you and who is not. Follow that knowing. Just like there are people who want access to your vibration, there are people who want to give you their vibrational energy. While some want to take that energy, some also are overflowing and would effortlessly give you. And that’s what you want. Receiving others overflowing positive energy will fill you with a sense of overwhelming gratitude; these are the beings that earth humans refer to as “my tribe” Those are people that just “get you,” and these are the people who will ensure that your cup overflows they will never show you a mirror of your flaws because they see you as complete and your flaw will look like your perfection, what makes you unique.

You want them in your lives. You don’t need to give everyone access to you so you can find your tribe. You will find your tribe, and from the moment you meet them, you will know they are your tribe. You want to give everyone access to you and pick and choose who will become your tribe it doesn't work that way. People will not eventually change to match your vibration (they can try to pretend that they are matching your vibration, but they can't pretend for very long, and if you are listening to your intuition, you will be able to see through the façade)

Your people will just be your vibration from the get-go. No work, no suffering needed to find them through hard work. None. Everything that is for your good will come to you with ease. You do not have to try to bring good in your life, you just have to become your intended vibration through inner work and embrace your beauty just for being on this earth. You are complete.