Energetic Cleansing Our Spaces

Smudge sticks: pine and one in the back is sage

Like dust bunnies accumulate in untouched places, and cobwebs start to build up in areas we leave ignored, stagnant energy, while unseen, can drastically impact your environment and you. Think of stagnant energy like water that is in a pothole or any unmoving water that starts to smell and cause decay to all that it encompasses.  Stuck energy can do the same to your beloved self.

There are many ways to cleanse your environment. One of the cheapest and most accessible ways is to use smoke from a smudge stick like sage, pine, resins, or bakhoor - which is commonly used in middle eastern countries. Smudging is getting common nowadays, but the tradition is ancient. It has been used by the Native Americans for spirituality and connection with the divine. Indians from India do what is called "havan," which is done during religious ceremonies using incense, saffron, and a myriad of other ingredients as a way to pass offerings from the physical to the ketheric realm while also purifying one's house and environment.

Using a Bakhoor Burner to Smoke and Smudge my House

You do not have to do a ritual, just set intentions and take your smudge stick around your space, paying attention to areas where you feel the vibe is stuck and wave the smoke around and keep moving through the areas until you have smudged the whole house. If you don't have a smudge stick, another way to move energy is by clapping loudly as you walk around your space. Clapping is a great way to feel energized and disrupt the stuckness intentionally.

As a lightworker, I am always trying to ensure that anytime I am feeling stuck, negative, upset, or merely down, I do one thing to uplift my energy and remove the feeling of being stuck. Sometimes, however, I drown in my stuckness only to realize hours later that I should smudge, and lo and behold I feel better. Then I wonder why did I forget I should smudge. It is common for negative energy to weigh us down and we sink deeper into our misery but it is never too late to rise above the weight whenever you realize what is keeping you down.

So, pay attention, listen to your intuition, and have a positive day.

Be Well and Flourish.