Birthday Week

Birthday Week

This week I make another year around the sun. One would think that birthday would mean less but I find that in addition to being able to live another wonderful year happily, I am more and more sure of my goals, aspirations, hopes, and dreams, and also having the desire to reward myself with the finer things in life.

Trust me, I don't take anything for granted. Instead I feel gratitude for the life's experiences and the amazing blessings. How will I celebrate my birthday this year? I don't know. I am sure it will be fabulous. In my family growing up, we didn't celebrate only on days that society said were marked for certain celebrations. So I would get presents whenever my parents found something that made them think of me. I try to live my life the same way. I do what I want when I want. Only, in my version, I do EXTRA of what I want, when I want around my birthday.

As this term is one of the most important terms before my comprehensive exam, I really have to buckle down and study, so that and Covid restrictions mean I will have to improvise.

Congratulations Mummy and Papa, Its a Girl ;)

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